presentaciĆ³n en riesgo

Online presentation of the book “En riesgo”

Next Tuesday 15th at 12pm we will present online the book “At risk. Diagnosis, proposals and struggles around the precariousness of contemporary art” published by Dykinson. We will have the participation of Remedios Zafra, author of the book’s prologue.

Link: https://eu.bbcollab.com/guest/ad7e9e75302d4e398884bf1836ef34c5

Summary: Completely absent in other fields, the duality between work and profession is, however, a dilemma of permanent presence in the life trajectories of those who operate from the field of culture. Today a series of questions emanate from this never resolved tension that is projected onto the diverse territory that constitutes the artistic ecosystem. Is the myth that associates precariousness with freedom when it comes to art work has been overcome? Is there a collective conscience among those who dedicate themselves to this profession? How to protect the labor rights of artists? How to achieve collective agreements? What role should correspond to public administrations and institutions? In this book we will face, among others, these questions, from a plurality of ways of inhabiting and understanding the art system.