Nerea Ayerbe

PhD in Contemporary Art Theory and Degree in Humanities and Business from the University of Deusto. She holds a Master’s Degree in Art Market and Related Business Management from the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid.

Her professional career has been linked to the field of cultural management, curatorship, text editing and research in contemporary art. She has worked in organizations such as Sprovieri Gallery in London, the art production company consonni in Bilbao or the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UPV/EHU.

Her main lines of work as a researcher deal with the history of the art market in modernity and the tensions between certain precarious forms of artistic production and the institution that hosts them and their audiences. She teaches at the University of Deusto on modern and contemporary art and the art market.

In addition to having extensive experience in editing and coordinating publications, she is the author of several articles in specialized journals and chapters in collective works, and has recently published the book La permanencia de la performance. Tensions of ephemeral art in the museum. She is the author of several entries in Bloomsbury Art Markets. Protagonists, Networks, Provenances and is a regular contributor to the art magazine HoyEsArte.