Eléonore Ozanne

Eléonore Ozanne is an artist and researcher between Seville, Bilbao and Pau. After a few years of experience in contemporary art galleries in Paris, in 2019 she began working as an assistant to Pilar Albarracín. As a member of the Gizaartea and Alter research teams, she actively participates in exploring ways of understanding precariousness and displacement in the global era.

Currently, she is a researcher with a joint pre-doctoral contract between the UPV / EHU and the UPPA, which allows her, from artistic practice, to focus her research work on the theme of her doctoral thesis: Frontiers in action art . Borders understood as a series of physical limits that are crossed daily or invisible walls that make up our daily lives. She uses her body as the central axis of her work and explores displacement through, on the other side or within predetermined spaces or times.