Kontxa Elorza

Concepción Elorza Ibáñez de Gauna

Researcher / teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts UPV / EHU. Interested in the anticipatory and imaginary capacity of artistic activity, which necessarily involves the challenges posed by feminist theories and practices with a view to a new ontology of the bodily. Following this line, my research focuses on reflecting on the current need for art and on its effective possibilities of change in each of the participants involved, considering here both the environment, the artist and the entanglement that all of them constitute and which, in turn, constitutes them. At this point, art is addressed as a knowledge device. In this sense, I have developed my artistic practice from these same parameters, questioning and stressing the constructions of the idea of ​​reality that are generated from the narratives of different fields. However, in recent years academic research, in dialogue with different agents, has ended up subtracting more and more time from artistic inquiry from solely personal practice and has led me to the collective generation of different artifacts. Currently, in fact, the specificity of artistic practice as a professional activity, and the study and visibility of diverse possibilities of existence of the artistic outside of hegemonic systems of validation, occupy, to a large extent, the center of my doing.