Artistic practices and thinking around the technological turn and Artificial Intelligences


We live in a society deeply affected by technology, in which the art ecosystem is no exception. Now it is the Artificial Intelligences (AIs) who are questioning us from their digital disruptive nature, taking to new territories not only concepts associated to artistic practice and thought, but also to cultural production and to the social and political links we establish.

This new paradigm, however, must be understood as part of a transversal technological shift that has been affecting not only the processes of creation in art, but also its supply and demand, the deployment of its mediation and educational practices, as well as its regulation and choice within curatorial environments.

To address these issues, this conference proposes a critical and contextualizing reflection on these practices with a double focus.

On the one hand, they will analyze the scope of the IAs in this context of creation. How, from the vantage point of Artificial Imagination based on data and algorithms, AIs force us to reconsider the scope of concepts such as creativity or imagination, as well as the relationship between aesthetics and technology. In this sense, artistic practices that use AIs are presented either as an investigation of the possibilities of these algorithmic imaginaries or because they involve a critical examination of these same tools from the point of view of art.

On the other hand, the implication of the technological turn in the artistic environment will be dealt with from broader approaches linked to education, mediation and curatorship.